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Assortment – Slush Jelly Euro Eggs with Tungsten Beads

Slush Jelly material is a 15mm fritz/chenille that produces a beautiful, translucent egg pattern that is deadly on trout, steelhead, and salmon. It has a “slush-like” appearance in the water and a soft texture that will produce more takes and fewer rejections.

This assortment includes one dozen (12) Slush Jelly Eggs in 6 different colors: Hulk, Egg White, Competition Pink, Safety Orange, Zest, and Apricot. You get two of each color.

These egg patterns are tied on size 12 extra heavy, jig-style, wide gap hooks and with tungsten beads. If you’re looking for a great “Euro egg pattern”, this is it. Typically, these flies cost close to $3 apiece from any fly shop or online dealer. But I tie these all myself and offer them in this assortment at a significantly lower cost. These are high quality flies at a great price.


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Assortment – Slush Jelly Euro Eggs with Tungsten Beads

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