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First Fork Sinnemahoning Creek

Ralph fishing First Fork Sinnemahoning Creek

First Fork Sinnemahoning Creek will always be my home stream. More than that, it’s my “place.” It’s where I go to unwind and relax and enjoy the wonders of nature. Since 2010, I have owned a cabin along the headwaters of First Fork. Before that, it’s where I hit my first mayfly hatch (Hendricksons) in 1994. And before that, where I caught my first trout on my own (circa 1990). But decades before that, my great grandfather hunted grouse and rented a farm not far from where First Fork empties into Sinnemahoning Creek, so I guess you could say Potter County is in my blood.

Social media has its positives, although every time I log onto Facebook and see all the political bashing and vehemence spewed from supporters on both sides of the aisle, I have to think a little harder about what those positives might be. More often, I find myself putting on blinders and going straight for one of the fly fishing or fly tying pages. And of course there seems to be a page dedicated to every notable trout stream in the country, and in Pennsylvania, to every county and wildlife management unit. It’s fun to sometimes see photos posted by folks who also love the places I love, but dang…it’s disheartening, too. Before Facebook, I could imagine that I was the only one who fished First Fork or had a passion for Potter County. I enjoyed the illusion of having it all to myself. Because that’s how it felt every time I went there. It felt like I was alone, and I loved that feeling of aloneness, of being the only one in on this incredible secret.

Well, First Fork isn’t a secret, not by a long shot. And truthfully, it never has been. So many fishermen I’ve encountered over the years have known of First Fork but maybe never fished it, tried it once years ago but never went back, or perhaps just have it on their bucket list to visit someday.


With those folks in mind, I present “First Fork Sinnemahoning Creek and its Tributaries,” a comprehensive, 36-page stream guide that covers mayfly hatches, access points, and everything you need to know to enjoy your time fishing along what I consider my home stream. And not only does it extensively cover First Fork, it also provides valuable information about fishing East Fork Sinnemahoning Creek, Southwoods Branch, Freeman Run, and many others. There’s no source more complete than this when it comes to exploring the First Fork valley and all it has to offer.

“First Fork Sinnemahoning Creek” is the first in a series of guidebooks about some of Pennsylvania’s best trout waters. It’s currently available in print and digital format that can be downloaded and read on any electronic device, including phones, tablets, and desktop computers. You can have this guide on hand as you explore the First Fork valley.

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