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Two Stream Guides Now in Print!


Two of the stream guides that have only been available as digital downloads are now available in paperback in the online store.

First Fork Sinnemahoning Creek and its Tributaries and Fly Fishing the Oil Creek Region have both been updated and expanded for these prints runs to include the most thorough information found anywhere on these waters. These guides are guaranteed to make your next visit to either of these regions an even better experience.

First Fork Sinnemahoning Creek and Its Tributaries Stream Guide in Print and Digital Download

As I was going through the First Fork book in preparation for the print run, it amazed me how much has changed even in the couple of years since the digital version was first available. Access points change. Stream designations change — in only two years, we’ve seen the addition of one Class A in the valley while the section of another Class A was more than doubled in length. The Delayed Harvest Artificial Lures Only section on First Fork was also lengthened.

The biggest change to the Oil Creek book is the addition of more information about fishing on Sugar Creek. This oft-overlooked stream has some very nice wild browns in its headwaters and provides many miles of opportunity.

The digitial versions of both books have also been updated and contain the same information as the printed versions. If you’ve purchased either of these two books as downloads in the past and would like access to the updated digital versions, please drop me a line (you can email me here) and I will forward a promo code you can use to download the updated versions for free. This offer is only good for those who have purchased these digital downloads in the past.

Access to free updated versions of the stream guides is one of the benefits of buying them as digital downloads. Buy them once and you’ll never have to buy them again. My hope is that this adds value to these products and will continue to make them a valuable resource for many years to come.

My hope is that all of the stream guides will eventually be available in both print and digital formats.

Thank you for your support of Dark Skies Fly Fishing, and I hope you’ll check out these two additions to the online store.

Fly Fishing in the Oil Creek Region by Ralph Scherder available in print

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