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Leader – Euro Nymph Mono Rig, Thin

Our premium, custom, hand-tied monofilament nymph leaders are hand tied using the highest quality materials carefully selected to create increased fishing performance.  Each component of these leaders creates a better experience on the water maximizing effectiveness and putting more fish in the net.  This leader is 30ft. long and might not comply with all local regulations.  Nevertheless, the butt section can easily be cut down to lengths that meet specifications for wherever you fish.

Fishermen new to Euro nymphing will want to choose this leader because it is easier to cast and manage on the water.  It can also handle multiple trout flies, a small indicator and even heavy steelhead rigs.

The sighter on the Euro leader is made using Sunset Amnesia mono.  As the name suggests, Amnesia mono is crazy-low memory meaning that after stretching it will not retain kinks and coils.  Amnesia also has phenomenal strength to diameter ratio and resists abrasions and fraying.  However, the greatest quality of Amnesia mono is its brightness on the water.  The green and orange colors seemingly glow as they pick up natural sunlight.  This is why the material is so popular in Euro leader formulas.

Length: 30 ft.

Butt Section: 10 lbs. of Maxima low-memory mono

Butt Diameter: 0.012”

Sighter: 6 lbs (0.013”) Green and Orange Amnesia Mono ending in a tippet ring


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Leader – Euro Nymph Mono Rig, Thin

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